Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon

2015 Competitive Entry Request Form

The Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon will distribute up to 10 competitive entries per gender, per event, for a total of up to 40 entries. These entries are for the sole purpose of attracting top performing distance runners and to provide the best possible field of competitive runners.

  • Applications will be considered for the top 10 overall category only.
  • Applications will not be considered for Masters or Age-Group categories.
  • Applications will not be considered for day two of the Double. (Note, only Peak Veterans of the last 2 years are eligible for the Double.)
  • Applications will not be considered as an upgrade or time extension to the previous year's awards winners (Top 10, Masters, Age-group).

Acceptance is based solely on current distance running accomplishments. Those wishing to apply should provide a resume of recent accomplishments and a paragraph on why you should be granted one of the competitive entry spots using the form below.

The Pikes Peak Marathon Inc. board of directors (excluding the registrar/webmaster who happens to be a (not very) competitive athlete himself) will review each application with the final decision being that of the race director.

Applications must be received by July 18, 2015. Notification of acceptance will be provided no later than July 25, 2015.

Runners will be accepted based on their bio, not first come, first serve. In other words, if more than 10 runners apply per gender, per race, less qualified runners will be turned away. This also means that the determination of who is accepted can't be made until after the July 18, 2015 entry deadline by which time the races may already be full. If this is a concern and you already qualify for the race you should apply for the race through the general registration process and then apply for a competitive entry. If your competitive entry is later accepted you will get a refund for your general registration so long as your entry was valid. On the other hand, if your competitive entry is not accepted at least you will still be in the race so long as your general registration is valid.

For questions contact the office or by phone at 719-473-2625.

Note: Past overall winners of the Pikes Peak Ascent or Marathon already have a complimentary entry reserved and need not apply!

Please Use Upper and Lower Case
(Do not type in ALL CAPS!!!)

We will look up your times!

Is this your first Pikes Peak Asc/Mar: Yes   No    (Select NO if you have FINISHED either race)
Which race are you wanting to enter: Ascent Wave 1   Marathon Field 1
Predicted Time: hh:mm:ss


If you have run the Pikes Peak Ascent or Marathon before and you have not
changed your name please register using the same name as prior years.

First Name:
Middle Name/Init:
Last Name:
Birth Date (m/d/yyyy): Race Day Age:
Gender: Male   Female
Country: 3-letter Country code
State: 2-letter State code
Day Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Evening Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Retype E-mail:

You must beat the 6h30m cut-off to get a Shirt

Men's: S   M   L   XL   XXL
Women's: XS   S   M   L   XL


At least 3 recent distance running accomplishments to include
the event name, distance, time, place and a link to the results:

Why should you be considered for a competitive entry:


Entry Fee: $0


Grand Total:

Agree to Liability Waiver Below and Confirm Your Entry Request


1. I understand and assume all risks of injury to my person which may occur while competing in the Pikes Peak Ascent and/or the Pikes Peak Marathon put on by Pikes Peak Marathon, Inc. and/or the Pikes Peak Road Runners, and I, for myself and for my heirs, executor, administrator, personal representative, and assigns, do hereby forever waive and release all rights and claims for direct or indirect damages or losses, whether monetary or otherwise compensatory which I may have against any and all individuals, and indemnify them for all claims, damages, judgments, costs of whatever nature and form.

2. I am advised that the following are some but not all of the special conditions and factors which may be encountered in the Pikes Peak Ascent and/or Pikes Peak Marathon and that there may be other hazards: Course elevations are from more than 6000 feet to more than 14,000 feet above mean sea level with attendant low humidity and variable, extreme, and rapid temperature changes. In general, the weather should be considered variable with rapid and potentially extreme temperature changes, precipitation and wind. The temperature may vary form 50 to 80 F in Manitou Springs to 30 F and colder above tree line with high winds and the possibility of severe storms accompanied by rain, snow, or ice showers (particularly above tree line). Ultraviolet radiation exposure should be considered as extreme. Most of the course uses the Barr Trail beginning at the west end of Manitou Springs and continuing to the summit of Pikes Peak. The trail is not paved and the footpath surface may be dirt, gravel, or rocks, with abrupt elevation changes, sharp turns, and steep grades. Ice or snow may be encountered on the footpath. The initial 1.25 miles of the courses are on paved streets; there may be gravel on pavement. The final 0.8 miles of the Marathon also are on paved streets with vehicular traffic. Because of the inaccessibility of most portions of the course to motorized vehicles there may be delays in providing emergency medical assistance. Transport off the mountain for the PP Ascent participants involves motor vehicles with attendant hazardous road conditions, mechanical failure, or accident.

3. I attest that I am in good physical condition and mentally capable of participating in the race for which I am registering and that any and all questions about the race, including but not limited to the dangers of participating in said event, have been satisfactorily answered. I also acknowledge that should I require transport to a medical facility that I must pay for such transportation and any treatment provided. I further agree to abide by requests of race officials on matters concerning race operations.

4. I hereby grant full permission to any and all of the foregoing, whether named or unnamed entities, to use my name, picture, or likeness on any media or form and any other record of my participating in any or all events for any publicity and/or promotional purpose(s) without obligation to me or my successors, assigns, et all., or liability by the publisher or promoter. I understand my name and address may be provided to sponsors for the purpose of product promotion and marketing.

5. I have read this entry form and certify my understanding of and compliance with such by my on-line entry registration.

6. Conduct on my part which a Race Director deems un-sportsmanlike will be grounds for immediate disqualification and denial of further participation in that and subsequent races organized by Pikes Peak Marathon, Inc.

7. I agree not to bring or otherwise have animals on the course.

8. I understand that the race entry fees paid by or for me are non-refundable unless entry is refused by the registrar. The non-refund policy also applies to any cancellation or the race for weather or other circumstances.

9. I understand that providing false personal information on my age is grounds for disqualification and being barred from future PPM races.

10. I agree to comply with the rules and regulations of the race(s).

11. I agree not to give, sell, assign or otherwise transfer or convey my official race number to any other person(s).

12. I understand that I am subject to drug testing pursuant to USDA standards and procedures, and I acknowledge this notification and my willingness to be so tested.

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