Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon
Expo — August 14
Race Weekend
August 15-16

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Don’t break the law!
In 1891 the U.S. Board of Geographic Names recommended an end to possessive forms in place names. The Colorado legislature further established the correct spelling of Pikes Peak in 1978. Therefore, Pikes Peak is spelled without an apostrophe by law.

Pikes Peak Jackets and Apparel
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Pikes Peak Jackets

Pikes Peak Book and DVDs
2012 Ascent and Marathon DVD:
Due to difficulties in producing the race video this year, we are no longer taking orders until we can guarantee both its quality and shipment date. Problems resulting due to the video company having one of their primary cameras stolen, resulting in loosing critical footage, and the video company going out of business shortly after the races, both the quality of the video and the delivery date are still unknown. Once we can confirm both of these, we will post an update regarding it's availability and any revised cost reduction should the quality not be up to past year's standards. For those that have placed an order, we will offer a refund upon request.

Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon 2011 DVD
2011 Ascent and Marathon DVD:
Once again Chuck Fryberger Films has produced an exceptional look into the races titled “A Spectacular Mountain and Extraordinary People.”

Order below for $10 or get both the 2010 and 2011 DVDs for $15!

Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon 2010 DVD
2010 Ascent and Marathon DVD:
Order below for $10 or get both the 2010 and 2011 DVDs for $15!

50th Anniversary Book:
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Pikes Peak Marathon 50th Anniversary Book Published in August 2005, the special 50th anniversary edition of America’s Ultimate Challenge, The Pikes Peak Marathon covers every race from the very first in 1956 through 2004. Also included is an addendum which covers the dramatic running of the 2005 Ascent and Marathon. Author, and veteran trail runner, Harald Fricker passionately details the rich history of the third oldest marathon in the United States. This is a must read and collector’s item for any Pikes Peak enthusiast.

Chapters include:
-Before the Marathon on the Mountain
-From Innocence to World Class
-Alpine Stars
-A Matter of Course (a detailed course description provided by course record holder Matt Carpenter)
-Untold Stories
-Organized Endeavors
-Trail Tribulations
-Names and Numbers (with a ton of fascinating stats).

Order below for $15!

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DVDs and the book

  • 50th Anniversary Book - $15.00 plus taxes, S&H charges of $3.00

  • 2011 Pikes Peak DVD - $10.00 plus taxes, S&H charges of $3.00

  • 2010 Pikes Peak DVD - $10.00 plus taxes, S&H charges of $3.00

  • SAVE $5: 2010 and 2011 DVDs - $15.00 plus taxes, S&H charges of $3.00

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