Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon

Pikes Peak Ascent


This is for Wave 1 of the Pikes Peak Ascent (not Marathon) and is only for those WITH current qualifications for the Ascent Wave 1!

If you sign up for this option and do not already have current Ascent Wave 1 qualifications as outlined below your entry will be pulled and your entry fee forfeited. As in NO REFUNDS!

This is not the Pikes Peak Marathon so do not sign up for this option if you want in the Marathon. You won't be switched and again there are NO REFUNDS!

So take another minute and read over everything below before you register!

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I understand. Register me for the Pikes Peak Ascent - Wave 1

Only those who have finished the Peak in the last 2 years can sign up for both races (the Double).

Pikes Peak Ascent - Wave 1
Qualifications needed to register for the 1st Wave of the Pikes Peak Ascent:
Peak Veteran of the last 2 years:
- Have run the Pikes Peak Ascent in under 4:15:00 or
- Have run the ascent portion of the Pikes Peak Marathon in under 4:15:00
Peak Newbie or those who have not run the Peak in the last 2 years:
- Have run a half-marathon in under 1:40:00 or
- Have run a marathon in under 3:45:00

Qualification notes:
- Races run before 2012 won’t be accepted.
- Races without online results won’t be accepted.
- Race distances other than half-marathons and marathons won’t be accepted.
- Splits from races including longer races and triathlons won’t be accepted.
- Peak veterans of the last 2 years MUST use Peak results for qualifications.
- See the FAQ for how to address Pikes Peak DNFs and other registration/qualification issues.
- You will need to provide your qualifying race name, year, time, and a link to your results.
- If the qualifications you provide can’t be confirmed you will be removed from the race and forfeit your entry fee! You WON’T be moved to any other Wave/Field/Race!